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shubhodeep prasanta das

What Is A Good Business Definition?

A business is a company that can make money by producing goods or services and selling them to customers in order to profit from their resources. It includes non-profit companies as well. Businesses are important because they provide shubhodeep prasanta das goods and services to customers, whose needs are important for…
tungsten carbide

Variety Of Uses Of Tungsten Carbide

tungsten carbide is a synthetic compound involving identical pieces of tungsten and carbon molecules. Tungsten carbide is a fine, dim powder in its basic structure. However, it tends to be squeezed and molded into shapes through a technique called sintering for use in modern gear, cutting devices, abrasives, and covering…
20x40 Pole Tent

All About 20×30 Tent

Everyone has to try out new things that are available in the market. It allows one to explore new options and not get restricted by the available choices. Everyone should focus on evolving with time. Adapting to new changes is the only possible way to survive in this world. There…