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Shubhodeep Das

Impact of coronavirus on people’s life

If we say that the biggest pandemic, we have encountered in this century was covid, it would not be wrong. This pandemic had led to a huge loss of human life. It raised many unprecedented challenges for the people, like health, and food challenges. It changed everything for the people working in their daily life. It caused a big disruption not only socially but also economically. Millions of people were falling into extreme poverty. Some people were not able to feed their families even a single meal a day. There was a big loss encountered by enterprises opened all over the world. In such hard times, some people were trying to solve this problem by providing work to many people. One of them was Shubhodeep Prasanta Das who assembled a team to solve various challenges in Thailand.

How people were living during covid?

During the crisis of Covid-19, there was a shortage of food and healthcare everywhere. Also, many people faced the problem of losing their jobs. The people who were working daily to earn money faced the biggest challenges. Laborers did not have money or work. Even though the government was taking immediate action to save people, it was not enough. The government was trying to slow down the spreading speed of covid. However, some people need particular attention in such times.

A person named Shubhodeep Prasanta Das assembled a team to solve the people’s issue. This team was specially designed to create a product and business in the less impacted areas. So, with this step, many people who were in the need of a job got the work to do. They could earn money, and the economy was also stabilized through this step. These steps were taken with full precautions and measures. This was great work to do.