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How to Find a Good Heavy Haul Trucking Company for Your Goods?

heavy haul trucking companies used to convey anything from wind turbine blades to heavy-duty mining or military equipment to airplane parts. There are various types of specialized trailers and vehicles for the transportation of heavy cargo. Some have a gooseneck that may be removed and resemble a standard tractor-trailer (also known as an RGN trailer). Others are divided into many sections, have motorized pusher wheels at the very back, or are articulated trailers with various components.

In recent years, the business has been booming in the heavy-haul trucking sector. The energy boom has increased demand for heavy-haul drivers, which has contributed to an increase in revenue. Despite a near-total closure brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mordor Intelligence says that the industry is quickly recovering. Up until 2026, forecasters foresee an annual growth rate of 7.34%.

Since the economy’s post-COVID recovery, it has been expanding quickly, and supply chain bottlenecks have been brought on by penned-up demand. A comprehensive federal infrastructure package that was passed in 2021 has allowed the states to receive funding for roads and bridges. To satisfy the increase in demand, more skilled and specialized carriers will be required.

What is long-distance trucking?

Heavy-haul jobs include everything that is larger than usual, such as huge cargo, wide loads, and large pieces of machinery. Heavy-haul loads are frequently overweight and enormous, as the term suggests. This also includes conventionally sized loads that are overweight.

Transporting big and overweight cargo requires skilled, competent, and legally authorized operators and businesses. The top big haul truck drivers are aware of what is permitted on Canadian and American highways. Lifting power lines, clearing barriers out of the way, using escorts, special routes, or all of the above may be required for transporting huge cargo. Heavy hauling operators must be adept at handling the intricate planning and permission procedures involved in the specialized shipping business as well as driving the trucks and trailers that move heavy goods.

Restrictions over heavy haul trucking

The axles decide your legal load capacity whether your heavy haul trucking trailer is a flat deck, step-deck, or double-drop. Depending on the kind and quantity of axles, the type of route, and other factors, both federal and state legislation establish weight restrictions for oversized loads. Because you can haul greater weight by adding axles, heavy-hauling equipment is available with 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, and 20 axle configurations. The weight that an axle may support legally depends on its location, how many are close together, and its function.